Freelance Radio Producer
Director| Performer| Presenter 


Regina Botros has worked as a freelance radio producer for ABC Radio National since 2005, researching, writing, presenting  and producing documentaries, features, dramas, creating interview packages, producing poetry and recording live events across a wide range of programs. 

She has recorded for the BBC and was short-listed for Chicago's Third Coast International Audio Festival 2016.

She has produced numerous live events including Cab Savvy at Delmar Gallery in 2016, Night Words Festival at the Opera House Studio 2008, State Library NSW performers panel, Short & Sweet Short play festival in 2004 and numerous other smaller events around town.

Regina Botros currently moonlights as the producer and presenter of Stages, a weekly theatre program that broadcasts on 2SER FM.  She interviews and reviews theatre and performance around town and has been doing so since 2006.


She has directed for the stage on numerous occasions for the Sydney  & Melbourne Comedy Festival, Griffin theatre, and other venues around town.


She has performed in various stage, film, poetry, art and dance works.

Film Maker




Events Co-ordinator

Short & Sweet Short Play Festival - Festival Coordinator | Director | Producer  ​

This involved culling over 500 short plays down to a final selection of 45 that then had to be allocated to appropriate directors and cast. Through this process Regina worked with hundreds of people, coordinating auditions, rehearsals, publicity, four opening nights, running order, cast, technicians and staff, as well as negotiating the thousand other little logistical nightmares associated with a festival producers role.

Radio Stations : ABC | BBC | Re: Sound Chicago | Third Coast International Audio Festival | 2SER FM | FBi | 2RPH | 2GLF | CBAA


 THEATRES:  Griffin Theatre | Seymour Centre | Newtown Theatre | Tap Gallery theatre | Melbourne Comedy Festival | Sydney Comedy Festival | Riverside Theatre