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The Social outfit

Making Music More Accessible

Pay It Forward


Every Body Dancing

Refugees – Parliament on King

My brothers walk

Dads doing Hair


Acting for Elderly

Cosmo’s – Des’ family business

Andy collecting plastics

A Shattered Life (stalker)

Rachel Everitt – (two part)

Saba Vasefi – June 2018,-defiance-and-finding-home:-a-mother-and-daughters-story/9879434

Afghan women on the move – Septemebr 2018


Beauty Queens – Earshot

Stamp of War – The History Listen B/cast 2020

Her Poet Friend:- on Lex Banning B/cast 2017 EARSHOT

Bec and Ash – Earshot/ 360Documentaries

A Tale of Two Hollywoods – Radio Eye- 2008

In the 1950s she was a Tinseltown actress, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. Now she stars in her very own Hollywood, the Hollywood Hotel, in the back streets of Sydney's Surry Hills. Regina Botros found herself drawn into the world of 77-year-old Doris Goddard - her triumphs, travails, tunes and travels, from one Hollywood to another.

My Intoxicating Career  - 360Documentaries – 2013

A drink or two before you get up on stage can calm your nerves and fuel your creativity but how do performers manage the world of alcohol and addiction?

A Foggy Memory – Earshot - 2015

Blue tongue lizards in the backyard, sun shining through crinkled glass and the teenage girl who used to flash across the fence—all memories unleashed when artist Roger Foley-Fogg returns to his childhood home.

Rock of the Ages – AWAYE! – 2010

Deep in the most inhospitable reaches of the Wollemi National Park north-west of Sydney archaeological survey teams and Aboriginal community members have joined together to map cultural heritage sites in a place described as a world that time forgot. In a secret location, hundreds of spectacular examples of engravings, stencils and rock art have been found.

Last Spring in Prague – Radio Eye – 2008

A program that explores the language of a father and daughter through their music, poetry and a shared journey back to Czechoslovakia. Jiri Neradilek, a revolutionary poet and trumpeter, is journeying with his daughter Ani back to Czechoslovakia for his mother's 95th birthday. As they travel the streets of his hometown, Jiri reveals stories of his upbringing in communist Prague, they perform music in jazz clubs around town and Jiri shares his poetry with Ani - the poetry that led to the family's eventual defection to Australia in 1983.

Heroes on the Edge: inside police rescue and bomb disposal – Radio Eye – 2011

Peering through the radio's eye at the Police Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit.

The black voice: a history of Indigenous theatre –AWAYE! – 2011

Today - a program that charts the history of Indigenous theatre... from the first play written in 1968 to the stories that are being told on our stages today. At the heart of it, is a long tradition of storytelling. There is now a canon of work written Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander playwrights... from the seminal play The Cherry Pickers by Kevin Gilbert, to Cake Man by the late Bobby Merritt, No Sugar by the prolific Uncle Jack Davis, to Wesley Enoch's Black Medea, a modern Aboriginal version of the Greek tragedy.

The Deal – Radio Eye – 2006 replayed 360Documentaries -2012

Over 80% of Australians gamble every year. This program explores the relationship between gambling and performing through the stories of musician Tim Freedman, comedian Ciel Stowe and performance poet Tug Dumbly. With some help from Dostoyevsky, Charles Bukowski and Sigmund Freud you'll experience the highs, the lows, the wins, the losses and then there's the gambling.

Home Sweet Homes – Sounds Like Radio 2014

Wendy Sharpe :- China - Audio diary program.


Radio Tonic - 2015

Nil By Sea –

Ned Kelly’s bones- This Is About – 2017

Playing the 20th Century –series-  2010


Antigone, revisited – Radiotonic – 2016

Presenting the ancient Greek myth Antigone - reinterpreted for 2014 by artists-in-residence from La Boite Theatre Company.


The Clap by 1927 – PocketDocs – 2017

A deliciously twisted tale from the show ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’.

Thousands of men And Women by 1927 – PocketDocs- 2016

Then, in a sea of bar snacks, they set about procreating.



Water Tight by Donna Cameron – Airplay – 2011

When new parents Darcy and Talia leave the city to use their hard-earned savings to buy their forty acres of dream on remote Blackbutt Mountain, they build a solar powered, rain-water fed, self sufficient house and garden, thinking they've got all bases covered. They pay to get their tanks filled and wait for the rain. But the rain doesn't come, their tanks dry up, as does their money...their dreams and hopes begin to evaporate, as their lives suddenly take a dire turn for the worse...all they need is rain...


Beyond the Neck by Tom Holloway---Airplay - 2007

Over ten years after the massacre at Port Arthur, two characters are still haunted by the trauma of one of the worst events in contemporary history. A man who was at Port Arthur on the day and a girl whose father died in the massacre. This play is about the way we cope with grief and come to terms with loss.

Featuring Don Reid, Basia A'hern, Kane Johnson and 
Kate Mulvany






The Puppeteers of Prague – PocketDocs 2016


Mirror Mirror – PocketDocs – 2016

Dear Diary – PocketDocs – 2016

Her Poet Friend: Lex Banning – Earshot – 2017


Babushka – Radio Eye 2006

Margery Anderson is a woman who was both inspirational and influential in the Blue Mountains, 100 kilometres west of Sydney, in the mid 20th century.

Poppa – Radio Eye – 2006


A walk through Xián Park – 360Documentaries – 2014

A Chinese park full of dancing, ping pong, mahjong and people.

Join Regina Botros on an early morning walk through a large park in the oldest city in China, X'ian. Its nine million people mostly live in cramped high rise aparments, so the older generation take to the city's parks and car parks to exercise and socialise.

The huge park is set around the old city wall. There Regina finds dancing, ping pong, mahjong and shuttlecock and a real sense of culture and community.






Slammin’ and Jammin’  ---Poetica – 2008


Big Numbers by TTo – 2012


WAR POETRY SPECIAL FOR CENTENARY OF WORLD WAR 1 – including following readers/poems

Dulce Et Decorum Est read by Michael Gow – World War One special

Women Are Not Gentlemen read by Les Murray– World War One special

We’re All Australians Now read by The Governor-General Peter Cosgrove– World War One special

Letter From Mrs Darcy Webb, read by Wesley Enoch – – World War One special

Wesley Enoch, Artistic Director of the Queensland Theatre Company, reads a letter written by Mrs Darcy Webb after the death of her nephew, William Castles.


Corpses in the Priester Woods read by Eva Cox

Social activist Eva Cox reads Corpses In The Priester Woods by Ernst Toller.

The Farmer Remembers the Somme’ read by Ben Quilty

2011 Australian War Artist Ben Quilty reads The Farmer Remembers The Somme by Vance Palmer.

Lamp Light read by Wendy Sharpe

Artist Wendy Sharpe reads Lamp Light by May Wedderburn Cannan.

Night Duty read by Linda Jaivin

Writer and translator Linda Jaivin reads Night Duty by Eva Dobell.

In Flanders Fields’read by Brendan Nelson

Director of the Australian War Memorial Brendan Nelson reads In Flanders Fields by John McCrae.


The Measure read by Quentin Bryce

Former Governor-General Dame Quentin Bryce reads The Measure by Dame Mary Gilmore.



Three Sound Poets – Poetica – 2014

Sound poets Jaap Blonk, Christian Bok and Amanda Stewart discuss and perform their work.


Sixth Sense – Poetica 2013

In the Sixth Sense we'll be tapping into the powers of perception with works by Emily Dickinson, Anthony Hecht, John Donne, Edgar Allen Poe, Gabriella Mistral, Robert Creeley and a breadth of transcendental musings on the metaphysical.


Once Upon a Time – Poetica – 2013

This program features a collection of poems around the theme of time. Some of the poets you’ll hear in this program are Rosemary Dobson, Barry Humphries, Shane Koyczan, Benito Di Fonzo, Chris Wallace Crabbe, WH Auden, Shakespeare, and so many more.

MTC Cronin: the law of poetry – Earshot – 2016

Poet MTC Cronin applies law alphabetically to objects and ideas in her new collection The Law of Poetry.


Shane Koyczan: Move pen move – Earshot - 2016

A meeting with the Canadian poet, spoken word artist, writer and musician.

Spoken Word Anthology – Earshot – 2015

Putting the spotlight on Spoken word, slam and performance poetry.


Trans-Verse: Train Lines – Poetica – 2014

Train-spotting lines of poetry on the rails


Peace Poems – Poetica – 2014

An anthology on the theme of finding peace, not making war



The Night Air – sound art mashup program

Forest – 2011

Comedy – 2011?

Vocal Chords – 2012

Animals- 2009

Theatre – 2010

Family – 2011

Birthday Wishes – 2011

Letters – 2011

From Derek Mahon and Ted Hughes to Sigmund Freud and Groucho Marx, they all wrote them. This Night Air honours the good old-fashioned letter, the love kind the lost kind and all the alphabet of letters in between.

Philosophy – 2007






The Stage Show - Hub On Stage

A Christmas Carol at the Ensemble 

Ghost Sonata

Playwave Fesitval



Michael Nyman

Wolfgang Laib – The Deep End August 2005

Festival Fatale – Books & A – 2016

The Lure of Wicked Women – B& Arts Daily – 2012

Mastering the Symbol – Artworks – 2007

Police Memorial – The Deep End – 2006

Art Month Sydney – Books & Arts – 2013

Rough Draft – Artworks – 2010

Rough Draft is the name given to the Sydney Theatre Company's creative development program. It's their research and development wing, where they do all sorts of experimenting and every couple of months the company shows the results of this process to the public for free.

Horrible Histories – Books & Arts 2013

Kids author Terry Deary has made history fun for kids with his Horrible Histories books. Now his book Horrible Histories, Awful Egyptians is delighting children as a stage play.

Artists party like it’s 1933 – Books & Arts 2013

To celebrate History week, Sydney's infamous Artists Ball of 1933 is being recreated with all the decadence and opulence of the glamorous era.

Sydney’s Art Month – Books & Arts – 2012

Sydney celebrates its contemporary art scene with Art Month and this year more than 300 artists and gallery owners are involved.

Song Dong’s Waste Not – Books & Arts 2013

We tour Sydney's Carriageworks exhibition Waste Not by one of China's pre-eminent contemporary artists, Song Dong

Dracula Triumphant – The Deep End – 2005

Dracula Triumphant is a musical adaptation of Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, but set in a contemporary world. It has blood and passion and lots of neck-biting... and we hear from its creators Aaron Kernaghan and David Morris today in The Deep End.


The Secret World of Teens – Books & Arts – 2012

The secret world of teenagers is front and centre in this new Sydney play The Tender Age.


Run: a performance Engine – Artworks 2009

In 2007, the Everleigh Railyards in Sydney were transformed into a venue for all manner of contemporary arts. There's a movement performance on there now that directly uses the history of Carriageworks. Called Run: a performance engine, it uses heavy steel girders suspended from the roof so dancers can balance and move on them. Live sound and music, plus video, complete the performance, which is the creation of the De Quincey Company. Until Saturday 29 August

Art Month: Collector’s Space – Books & Arts – 2015

We visit Art Month in Sydney and the pop up exhibition Collector's Space where private works of collectors are displayed for the general public.


Step Inside the 19th Biennale of Sydney – Book s& Arts 2015

The 19th Biennale of Sydney is underway. So what of the art on offer following months of controversy?

50 Years of The Rolling Stones – Books & Arts - 2012

Take a tour of a new photography exhibition of The Rolling Stones, 50 years of iconic images.


Sydney play revisits Iraq slaughter – Book s& Arts 2013

The new Sydney play by Version 1.0 revisits the 2007 shooting of two Iraqi women killed by Australian security contractors because The Vehicle Failed to Stop.


Starlight Stories take the stage – books & Arts 2013

The Starlight Children Foundation celebrates 25 years of transforming the lives of seriously ill children with a new verbatim theatre production Starlight Stories.

42 Books About Art – Artworks – 2008

Here's an interesting thing to ponder: when you look at a painting, you automatically try to find the words to describe it, don't you? Whereas when you read a book, you form a picture in your mind's eye to make sense of the words. And it's this paradox between the visual and the literary that's led the Canberra artist David Sequeira to create an exhibition called 42 Books About Art. It's been on in the Sydney University Art Gallery, and was held in association with the Sydney Writers' Festival.

The New Burlesque – Artworks – 2007

Artworks takes a look at the new burlesque with the person who is often described as 'the world's most fashionable woman,' Dita Von Teese— a retro fantasy of Hollywood glamour and corsetry.

Sydney Fringe Festival – Books & Arts - 2016

Come on a whistlestop tour of some of the shows on offer at this year's Sydney Fringe.


Sydney’s Vivid Festival of Light, Music and Ideas – Books & Arts 2013

Sydney's 18-day Vivid Festival of Light, Music and Ideas is in full swing and packing a punch.


Seeking Humanity: portraits of Asylum seekers by Wendy Sharpe – Books & Arts 2015

A new exhibition by Archibald winner Wendy Sharpe called Seeking Humanity features portraits of asylum seekers.


Storm Boy, from book to film to stages – Books & Arts – 2013

First there was the book, then the film and now the much beloved Australian classic Storm Boy is being retold on the stage.


Lenny Bruce ---
A new Sydney play tells the story of American comedian Lenny Bruce and his ill-fated trip to Sydney in 1962, when his tour was shut down for being blasphemous and obscene.



Muslim Women Artists showcase their talent – Books & Arts 2012

Australian Muslim women showcase their art in an exhibition called No Added Sugar. It's their story about how Muslim women live, love and learn in Australia.


Artworks Feature: 17th Biennale – 2010

Where do you find 163 artists from 36 countries and around 440 pieces of art? Try the Sydney Biennale.


British composer Michael Nyman is best known for his many film scores and soundtracks; The Piano, Gattaca, The Draughtsman's Contract. He's now turning his attention to photography and making films of his own. Some were screened recently for an exhibition called Cine Opera at the Brickworks in Sydney.



Bjork Digital – Books & Arts 2016

Bjork Digital, at Carriageworks in Sydney, is a multi-media exhibition which features the artist's music and videos, including new films which utilise virtual reality (VR) technology.

Sixth Sense – Book s& Arts Daily – 2016

Sixth Sense is an exhibition which explores the intricate sometimes visceral relationship between the human senses and art.


An Olfactory portrait of Sydney – Book s& Arts Daily- 2017

Scent of Sydney is part of Sydney Festival and is an olfactory portrait of the harbour city

GW Bot- The Deep End – 2006

The Canberra artist, GW Bot is well and truly inspired by her landscape.


Disobedient Objects – book s& Arts Daily – 2015

The history of political activism told through design and objects in a new exhibition at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.

Simple Infinity – Book s & Arts – 2016

Simple Infinity is a new performance work which explores the different ways in which we operate in the world, and challenges the meaning of disability.


Poster Girl – Artworks- 2008

You've heard of the Stockholm Syndrome, when a hostage falls in love with his or her captors and even starts to defend their cause? Patty Hearst is famous for doing this with the Symbionese Liberation Army in the 1970s.

New Beginnings: Refugee Art – Books & Arts Daily – 2016

New Beginnings is an exhibition featuring the work of ten refugee and asylum seeker artists.


Alexandra & Penelope Benton – Books & Arts – 2013

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