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 Video Works

Red Velvet Productions


Project in Progress

Saba Vasefi is a poet, journalist, academic and advocate for women in detention.  This work is a taste of a longer story of women and their treatment while incarcerated.

Locked Down Lives was a creative project shown as a festival online during covid lockdown. Artists shared films in response to their experience of the times.


Exterior is responding to the feeling of watching people through the screen where that is the windows walking the streets or through the computer screen - inspired by Rear Window. Interior is a day in the life with home schooling and a sense of the madness of the time.  2021

Work made during Masters Media Industry & Practice. UTS. 2020

Modern Nostalgia - Tortuga Studios 2019 -a selection - 

Newcastle Writers Festival exhibition.

Microfiction 2017

a selection

The End of Days


You Can't Go Home Again

Texting Through Time Zones

Exhibition Tap Gallery

Unequal Britain

Filmed in LONDON this clip talks about female graf artists, Banksy and advertising. 2008


Exhibited Tap Gallery 2011

an art experiment filmed in the studio. 

Falling Down

Exhibited Tap Gallery 2011.

 A response to London Riots recorded and found footage

Wasp made for exhibition Tap Gallery 2011

Tree Shining;- A walk through Simpson Park - save the trees ! 

The Visitor by Regina Botros
Tropfest 2003


The Death of Lysanda by Brent Marrale a feature film shot in 16mm. 1999.

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