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This video is made to be seen reflected in a mirror

MIRROR MIRROR Zigi's Gallery Chippendale December 2016

This exhibition is an exploration of identity and reflection.

We filter our understanding of ourselves through perspective and context, at work I am like this, as a daughter or son I am like this, as a lover, friend, traveller and so on…like a mirror ball. At times we are the art, we are a construction of fragments of what appears to be us, patch worked together from experience and reflection.   

We are multi-faceted with many degrees and angles to who we are, from our darker, harder to see parts, to those we face straight on, to those turned slightly away when we try to look at them etc. and when we meet another they in turn, have their own many fragmented selves and as we look at them they might remind us of someone else, who reminds us of someone else again into infinity.

We see ourselves reflected back in others and see things of others in ourselves. We see past lovers and acquaintances, in the tilt of a head or the shape of an ear, the curl of a lock of hair, or the line of a fingernail.  This allows us to make sense of our world and we are safe.

We see only what we want to see and sometimes more than we wish to leaving us to grapple with this new angle of us and that is when we are confronted with a present kind of reality, a truth, and at the same time we then see ourselves with new eyes and come to realise ourselves more fully.


In this exhibition, I have worked with spray paint, acrylic, oil, video and mirrors and will include a listening event with radio work.

The work spans many years and days and as I have been putting this show together over the last couple of weeks, I have come to realise that in some ways I have been thinking about this concept for decades in fact.

The mirror used in the painting Mirror Mirror, has been thirty years with me, the mirror ball concept has been with me since 1996 and these art works, some I have had for years and have taken oil to the acrylic, house paint to the spray can art, or mirror to the oil.

I hope you take some time to reflect on the art through the mirrors reflection and on each other through a new perspective, step into someone else’s shoes (I dare you to try them on) and step into the eye of the video as a looking glass.

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