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BBC World Service - In The Studio Podcast 

Australia is one of the first countries to see in the new year, and with the Harbour as the backdrop, Sydney shines bright with optimism and hope after some very heavy years.

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic music venues in the world. And yet it was also known for less-than-perfect acoustics in the main concert hall. The sound was considered thin and scattered. The problem has taken two years and 150 million Australian dollars to fix, involving 174 tonnes of steel in the roof space alone.

Wudjang : Not the Past is Stephen Page's swan song after 30 years at the helm of Australia’s First Nation company, Bangarra Dance Theatre. This production is their biggest yet; a contemporary corroboree of story, poetry, song, dance and music, told by twenty-six performers on stage. This is a new work and as the last in Stephen’s long career as Artistic Director of Bangarra Dance, the pressure is on to create his crowning achievement in a short eight weeks where it will premier at Sydney Festival, a huge cultural event that takes place across Sydney in January.

BBC World Service - The Cultural Frontline

Daniel Riley is the artistic director and choreographer of the Australian Dance Theatre. His latest piece, Tracker, has just had its world premiere at the Sydney Festival. It is based on the personal story of his great-great uncle who was a Wiradjuri Elder and tracker in the police force in Australia. Reporter Regina Botros spoke to Daniel, along with some of the other First Nations creatives, about the importance of putting stories like this on stage.

BBC World Service - The Arts Hour

On the ground producer, runner and support for the pre-record and live broadcast for this special event.

Includes interview with Olivia Ansel, filming of Lime Cordiale, management of talent and equipment.

BBC Scotland

Recorded and Interviewed Les Murray at his home for Poetry Postcards

BBC Radio 4

The Saudi artist Ms Saffaa plasters walls with murals and portraits of Saudi activists in protest at her country’s guardianship laws.

Recorded interview for in-house producers to mix. Recorded at her studio.

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